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"BSN has taken vaso-muscular volumization to the next level by developing a premier NO booster that ensures optimum NO production over current NO boosters. L-Arginine Alpha Keto-Glutarate (AAKG) has the unique ability to improve the conversion process of Arginine into NO. However, the NO boosting power of this specific amino acid is heavily dependent upon the bonded ratio of L-Arginine to AKG. After months of extensive research BSN has developed a precise bonded ratio of L-Arginine to AKG. This ratio promotes an increase in NO production over standard bonded versions of L-Arginine AKG. BSN's proprietary AAKG technology makes Nitrix the world's premier NO booster." BSN

Overall rating Consensus rating of 72% Top Buy - Best deal online for BSN Nitrix

Nitrix is one of a new generation of products that are meant to encourage greater nutrient input and retention within muscles during and after training.

BSN claims that Nitrix contains a vital support system that provides the body with specific nutrients that are required to effectively utilize the vaso-muscular volumizing properties of NO.

There is more information from BSN about Nitrix here. The most significant immediate effect you will notice with Nitrix is the increased intensity of your training. It has an energy bosting effect like caffeine. Using the recommended servings may be more than required, so start with say half the recommended and wait to see the results. The reviewers are positive overall on this product.

Reviewer: Bodybuilder2049 This reviewer's favourite supplement

Rating: Definitely buy again

“[Best feature] Great gains came really fast. Better pumps and fuller muscles, by the end of my 2nd week my biceps and shoulders were full of new stretch marks and I got bigger veins. The price is a little high but if you can afford it it’s the one. I didn’t mix anything or change anything to the things I ate. [Compare to other brands] Well you get the same things other companies promise but you can really see the results with this one, just the overall effect of it makes it number one to me. I really enjoyed using this and would recommend it to anyone.”

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Reviewer Ncybrspce
“Reasonably priced. Mixed with standard daily supplements; multivitamin, Lipo-6, Glucosamine/chrondroitin, Vitamin C & E and chromium picolinate. First pill NO product that I've tried. Previously used an NO/Creatine product which provided more feeling in the muscles during workout. I believe that this product will produce better results when used for the recommended loading phase and subsequent use there-after.”

Reviewer OneBetter
“Please disregard the taste/mix tests as this product is a pill. I got a really good pump from this product, and that's what it claims it does. I didn't see any positive effects as far as strength is concerned. [Negatives] Price is very high. Took it with water (pills). It gives a pump similar to other brands, but there's a lot of products that do that for less. If you want to spend money on a product that you can get for cheaper, Nitrix is the way to go.”

Reviewer Masta_mo
"Its my first NO product I've tried and with the excellent stamina it gives, I'd definitely recommend it.

[Recommends] Be careful if its the first time you use this product, I split the 6 capsules into 3 servings, its supposed to be 2 servings, 3 capsules per workout. I definitely experienced a big pump with this product just by using 2 so if your experienced with NO products then go ahead and use the full servings.

[How did the product compare to the manufacturers claims and product description?] Product met my expectations and was exactly as described. [Would you recommend this product to a friend?] Yes."

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