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“Cellmass contains the radical breakthroughs CEM3 ™ (creatine ethyl ester malate) and Glutamine AKG. Designed to promote full body creatine saturation” BSN

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Cellmass and SAN V12 delivered a step change in creatine technology when they were first available. Offering an alternate to the existing pure creatine monohydrate powders or simple sugar solution creatines like Cell-Tech.

BSN say, “No Loading, No Cycling, No Hard To Swallow Tablets, No Sugar, No Stomach Bloat, No Water Retention, No Up And Down Old School Creatine Weight Gain...” They have a point. Dosing is simple, the flavors are pretty good and you don’t have to consume much to begin to see the effects of strength gains. As for the downside, its true that Cellmass could be cheaper… and some do not respond to the particular creatine formula in Cellmass and may benefit from trying a similar type product like SAN V-12. Read the user reviews below to get the full picture.

Reviewer: JS This reviewer's favorite supplement

Rating: Definitely buy again Mix: (4) Easy to mix Taste: (4) Pretty tasty

“Definitely noticed the fact that all my core exercise weights increased. Feeling and looks of fullness in muscles. [Negatives] Price. If it was 15% cheaper, I think more people would buy. Best creatine I've taken to date bar none. The flavor is great, mixes easily with water. Don't be afraid to try BSN products because of all the bashers in the forums. This one worked for me and I openly admit it and suggest it to others.”

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Reviewer: Mark G Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
"Although not the best tasting, I've had good luck with other BSN products. I can only assume that this one would hopefully deliver over a extended dosing period. [Negatives] Price and somewhat sour taste. Didn't mix too well either.

I've used a couple cheaper brands of creatine, and they mixed and tasted better. Without a longer dosing period, hard to tell about any positives with this type of product. From a taste and price point, I don't think I'll be purchasing."

Reviewer: BigNorwegian, Wantagh, NY Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
"From what I've heard Cellmass has had it's success. I've had a friend who used it and said he had some good results. I've taken Nitrix in the past and loved it. BSN to me as always been a solid company and I thought I would have some enjoyable experiences with Cellmass

The mixability with this product was amazing. I didn't even need a fork to stir it up, I just poored from a high level and let the water do the work.

I was fortunate enough to experience the tastes of both Artic Berry Blast as well as Grape. First off, they were both incredible. I tried the Artic Berry Blast first. My initial reaction was this has a tangy tartness to it. I drank it and enjoyed drinking it. My friend on the other had who had the same product complained about the taste, I thought it was phenomenal. The day I tried Grape I was skeptical. I thought to myself that generally Grape tastes horrible. I mean, no one ever wants the Grape blow pop. But to my surprise I enjoyed the Grape, perhaps not as much as Artic Berry Blast, but it was up there.

Now to the downfall of this product. The effects were non-existent. I felt nearly nothing. I was upset and angry. I was looking foward to a great workout and felt nothing!

To me, I experienced hardly any pump, any focus, any strength, any weight increase... hardly nothing! I was upset. The mixability and taste were great, one of the best I have experienced in a CEE powder. This product has claimed to have won "Creatine Product Of The Year", to me thats a load of bull***t. Compared to an older Creatine such as V-12, this is nothing. I felt NOTHING!!!

I was so upset considering I am a big fan of BSN. Perhaps I just do not respond well to this product, perhaps it was a bad batch. Never the less, I experienced poor results with this product. Hope this helps those looking for a Creatine.”

There is a popular site on how to maximise the effects of creatine safely, see the Creatine Guide. Also a useful report on creatine use can be reached by clicking on the cover of The Creatine Report by best selling-author Will Brink. This is an in-depth review of the latest scientific literature on creatine. This is required reading if you are serious about adding creatine to your supplement program!

Reviewer: OneBetter, Huntley, IL Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
"It has a good mix and totals of creatine and glutamine, also the berry blast was better then I expected it to be. Taken post workout, no noticeable effects.

PRICE. It's about $40 for a 20 day supply. Water, and it mixed very well. As far as content, I would say that it's pretty good. The price tag is much higher then the competitors products. I would honestly say it is not worth the price tag. If the price was decreased and it was made into a month's supply it might be worth it."

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