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“At 45 grams of protein per serving, Labrada Lean Body contains 22% more protein than Met-Rx® and 7% more protein than MyoPlex. Like MyoPlex, it contains ion exchange whey protein. But Lean Body ® also contains whey protein peptides in its protein profile, which have been shown to be more quickly absorbed than intact proteins. At only 200mg of sodium and 1 gram of fat, Lean Body ® also contains the lowest sodium and fat of all the meal replacements” Labrada Labrada Lean Body at

Overall Rating Consensus of reviewers:  68% Top Buy - Click for the best price online for Labrada Lean Body
Top flavors Vanilla Ice Cream, Wild Strawberry

In the early 90's so-called "engineered foods" or meal replacements became the bodybuilder's meal of choice. Finally, there was an easier way to get a meal high in protein, adequate in calories, and nutritionally dense without the inconvenience of weighing or cooking the food.

With the advent of meal replacements or "super foods," bodybuilders could now get all the nutrients they needed each day without popping a shelf-full of supplements. All of the essential protein, calories, and vitamins that a bodybuilder could want were now available in a convenient packet. Labrada Lean Body is the latest evolution of the meal replacement supplement.

Labrada Lean Body meal replacement is made without insulin inhibiting oils, has no added suger, 24 grams of carbs only and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Another bonus is that unlike similar but lower quality brands, the product does not contain any partially-hydrogenated oils, which recent studies have shown to be especially harmful.

Read the reviews and decide for yourself, our reviewers have tried Wild Strawberry flavor which according to Labrada won a Gold Taste Award at the American Tasting Institute. Overall, we recommend this over Myoplex due to Labrada Lean Body MRP having a better consistency, protein content and taste.

Reviewer: FX
“Decent product. Taste was slightly better than average. No noticeable effects were obtained from the shake. The only downside to this product is that it does not live up to its claim of having a 'delicious taste'. It mixed decently with water. It's better than most proteins but not as great as advertised. Try a sample before buying a tub.”

Reviewer: Olb33
“Very good. Nice consistency, easy to mix for an MRP. Met protein requirements, better than Myoplex strawberry. I’m not a big strawberry fan at all but this was very good.”

Reviewer: Ncybrspce
“Quite tasty. Low in sugar which is essential since I am diabetic and 45g protein. Excited my taste buds! Not sure of price, would like to buy in can vs. packet though. Mixed with water and it mixed easily and was quite tasty! Much better than the Met-RX berry flavor.”

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