Prolab NLarge2 Review

“Prolab Nutrition N-Large2 is a powerful mass-gaining support formula designed to promote size on the hardest gainers. This potent formula delivers more calories and protein, gram for gram, than the competition. Prolab emphasize the amount of protein per serving since it is the essential nutrient that promotes muscle mass.” Prolab

Overall rating Reviewers' consensus is 65% Top Buy - Best deal online for Prolab NLarge2

N-Large2 offers a reliable way to easily increase your daily calorific intake. Just a couple of servings daily with fruit or a banana will add an extra 1000 calories to your diet with little effort. The carbs come primarily from maltodextrin, which is the foundation of this product, the rest being whey protein.

Prolab use only cross-flow, microfiltered, cold-processed, ion-exchanged whey. This protein has a superior amino acid profile, unbeatable bioavailability, is low in lactose and is instantised for easy mixing without a blender. Prolab say that you simply will not find a protein of this grade used in other weight-gain formulas. The reviews are overall positive for this product, read them below.

Reviewer: Gbtraditions Unbiased review
“Tasted good with vanilla ice cream. [Effects] Full stomach! Too many calories and fat calories because of too much sugar. I mixed half with water and half of supplement with ice cream and the strawberry powder mixed with vanilla ice cream actually had a fairly descent strawberry shake flavor too and I think that combination along with a few real strawberries would be an excellent combination.

I've never liked a strawberry protein yet, so this one was very bearable compared to the rest of them. Not enough amino's in it to make a purchase worthwhile. Was too average tasting and way too many fat calories for a guy like me that is trying to lose weight, but for a skinny person would be an excellent option to add mass.”

Reviewer: OneBetter Unbiased review
“Calories Galore. Loaded with protein, and big calories, great for bulking. Great MRP for an hour after an intense workout. Price is pretty high, $50 for a monthly supply. [Mix with] Just used 1% milk, and it worked great. This product as far as content and cals/protein is concerned is top-notch. The price tag is the only thing other brands are better for. If you have some extra cash, and want to treat yourself, this is what you want.”

Reviewer: Turbognx Unbiased review based on free supplement sample

“Average to poor weight gainer. Compared to my favorite brand EAS this stuff tasted awful and is a little higher in fat than I like. Purely as a weight gainer this might work if you don't mind the taste. ( It got better with a little honey added).I wouldn’t recommend it for those wanting the extra protein while trying to reduce fat and calories.”

Reviewer: Jason F Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Worth it !!! Mixing good and the flavor was good....The thin consistency I didn’t like but its no biggie at all. Seem to aid recovery, energy came back after workout pretty good. Consistancy is runny, otherwise it's a solid bang for the buck weightgainer!! Mixed with water maybe should mix with milk to add a creamier consistency. Havent tried many weightgainers.. but this product is good in IMO. If you’re skinny and can’t gain weight this gainer is for you ... try it out it has a decent macronutrient profile."

Reviewer: Mike K Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Freaking awesome. Taste was awesome. I never had strawberry as a flavor, but it's my favorite now. I got a great boost in energy. I mixed it with milk and a banana. It was on the same base as the other products I have taken. I would buy this in a heart beat. Not a waste of money."

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