SAN V12 Turbo Review

"SAN V12 Turbo's(TM) revolutionary matrix is engineered to deliver dramatic results in increasing strength, endurance, blood flow, nutrient delivery and glycogen storage."

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This creatine formula uses a proprietary matrix of Tricreatine-Malate (4.0g), Betaine-Glycocyamine (2.0g), Micronized Taurine (2.0g), Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (1.5g) and N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine (1.0g). SAN V12 is faster and more effective than standard creatine monohydrate at increasing strength without apparent side effects. From our reviewers we see some enjoy better results than others, however, the consensus is that this is an effective creatine supplement from a reputable manufacturer.

Reviewer: DKN, Orange flavorThis reviewer's favourite supplement
Rating: Probably buy again

“[Best feature] Many different ingredients. Energized, pumped, head was clear. [any negatives] Price, but it's affordable... [Mix it with] Gatorade. Similiar to Universal Storm, it's about the same. The flavor is very good according to my taste bud. Mix it with Gatorade to enhance the flavor a little bit. The sugars in the Gatorade will help transport all the Creatine and Arginine and Taurine inside your muscle cells.”

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Reviewer: Escher007, Fruit Punch flavor This reviewer's favourite supplement
Rating: Definitely buy again

“[Best feature] Great pump, energy, increase in strength. Very sweet, mix with just water. [Compare to similar brands] Tastes better. The effects are more than other competitors.”

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Reviews for Orange Flavor

Reviewer: Mark G Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Good results, product delivers, although tastes and smells bad. [Effects] Energized and focused. [Negatives] Price, taste and doesn't mix well. Contents settle at bottom of glass. Comparable to NoXplode, effects wise. I've had the grape flavor. Much better than this orange flavor.”

Reviewer: BigNorwegian Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Top notch. EVERYTHING! Great pumps, great energy, great results! I experienced the exact effects S.A.N. claimed. [Negatives] None! Mixed well with water. [Compare to other brands] Best of the best creatine I have tried. The TriCreatine Malate formulation in this product beats out any CEE I have tried.

I was given the opportunity to try both Fruit Punch as well as grape. The taste on the fruit punch was amazing. It had that tangy tartness to it which made it quite enjoyable. If you are a fan of that tart taste this product will provide you with a great taste. The grape was not far off from the fruit punch. Ironically I enjoyed the grape taste as well, though I am generally not a fan of grape products. It didn’t have that overly sweet grape taste like that of a grape blow pop, but rather a "fresh" tart grape taste which I seemed to enjoy. If you are a grape fan, I highly recommend V-12 Grape taste wise.

To my surprise the technology of TriCreatine Malate in the V-12 product affected me greatly. I felt focused, determined and ready to go in the gym. I hit the weights and I hit them hard. My stamina increased, I was putting more weight up, and in only a weeks time I saw a slight change in my muscle mass. I experienced a good pump and had difficulty taking my shirt off after my workouts. I can't recall whether it was the second or third day, however there was one workout on my back and bi day where I did an extra of four exercises. My energy was through the roof from the moment I stepped into the gym and to the moment I stepped out. It amazed me that I had to stop my workout not because I was tired or had no strength left, but rather because my hands simply could no longer grip the weights.

I am happy I had the fortunate opportunity to try this product. It made me realize that many times those products which work best are not necessarily those which are frequently spoken about. To me this is a very solid product coming from an extremely reputable company. This may in fact be my favorite creatine product which I have tried, I would recommend this product to anyone. The taste is great, the mixability is easy, the results are phenomenal. I've begun to second guess whether CEE is really superior to all the other creatines.

Hope this helps those looking for a Creatine,”

Reviewer: b0dybu1ld3r Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Good all-around Creatine and recovery product! Decent pump + energy, plus felt very little soreness after work out. [Negatives] Not really, maybe slightly pricey. The product mixes well with water, although I actually had to try a little of the powder itself (‘cause it tastes so great)!! It is similar to ISS Satur8 which I have tried. I cannot say which is better results-wise, but this one tastes SLIGHTLY better. It may not beat out the slightly newer/more pricey Creatine/pump supplements, but it is one of the best for its price range most definitely!”

Reviews for Grape Flavor:

Reviewer: FX Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Pretty good. Mixed better than most products. I didn't really enjoy the grape flavor. Mixed well with water. It's above average. If you like Grape flavor you will most likely want to buy this product.”

Reviewer: E_Scapegoat Unbiased review based on free supplement sample

“Compound creatine. [Benefits] Price compared to competitors, simplicity, I mixed it with a 1/2 serving of xpand, with good results, its good, if the price was lower, I’d buy it, but its not always "you get your moneys worth", I recommend doing your research on products, ingredients, and price… I love xpand.”

Reviewer: Olb33 Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Very good. Besides taste is the energy boost this delivers. Sense of well being, good boost, price could be a tad lower. Taste was very good and boost was more pronounced. Product delivers as advertised.”

Reviewer: Sir Psycho Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Solid product, easy on the stomach. Good pumps, fullness. [Mix with] just water, it's as good as others I have tried. Good product, solid ingredients.”

Reviewer: Doogieh Unbiased review based on free supplement sample
“Improved strength, endurance, and performance. None of the bloating I get from creatine monohydrate. Mixed easily with water. Plain creatine monohydrate helped, but the bloating was significant. With Swole V2, I saw similar effects as theV12, but the taste was AWFUL. Gaspari Superpump 2500 had similar effects in the gym, but it lowered my blood pressure and made me light-headed. Pinnacle's Shredded Mass did the same thing. I've used V12 in the past, and I will use it again.”

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