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Bodybuilding Protein

The key to sustained growth is finding the top bodybuilding proteins

With many more quality bodybuilding protein powders available these days it should be easy to get hold of the top bodybuilding proteins… Well, with new scientific breakthroughs in the micro-processing of whey and soy seemingly happening more and more often, the list of possible best protein sources just gets longer.

We have prepared a good series of articles to prime you on what you need to know to make an informed decision on the best protein source for you and what products out there provide this most effectively.

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The Whey It Is...
Ever wondered whether Ion-Exchange, Microfiltered and Cross-Flow were just terms dreamed up by supplement marketers? Discover the truth in this article by Will Brink.

The (Partial) Vindication Of Soy Protein

Why is Soy often seen as the poor cousin to Whey protein? In this article by Will Brink, discover why there is more to Soy than meets the eye.

Protein and Fat - Myth#1

Ever wondered if those protein shakes were 'bulking up' your waistline. Marc David gives his view on optimising protein supplementation - without adding the fat.

Dangers of High Protein Diets

Can you have too much of a good thing? Increasing your protein intake can meet the extra protein requirements for growth stimulated by strength or endurance training. Read more.

Timing Protein Intake for Growth
What helps make comedy also can help make muscle. Timing, is key to getting the most out of your protein intake.

Bodybuilding Protein Benefits
Keeping your protein intake at a high enough level to meet the demands of a weight training regime can sometimes be difficult but the benefits are well worth the effort. Read more.

Whey Protein to go!
Find out why whey protein should be a foundational element of everyone's sports supplement program.

Amino Acids Primer
Protein is made from amino acids. There are 20 amino acids which can be combined in many different ways to form proteins in the body. Read more.

Bodybuilding Protein for Vegetarians
Can vegetarians really get enough protein in their diets to seriously build muscle mass? Read more.

Protein Quality
All proteins are not created equal. We need high quality sources of protein to feed the muscles and this is based on the content of amino acids in the protein. Read more.

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