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Bodybuilding Supplement Review Program

Win Top Bodybuilding Supplements

You can now enter our monthly prize draw by completing the registration form below and writing a review of your top supplements.

We are compiling reviews of the current most popular bodybuilding supplements as suggested by you!

These reviews will show a consensus opinion on a range of measures from their taste to results achieved after using them.

Prizes for the Top Reviews each month - sign up below to get details and claim your place in the program While there are plenty of "reviews" out there on the forums, they can be less than reliable and often are placed by advertisers anyway.

To ensure you receive emails from us you will need to add the from address "" to your email address book.

Frequently asked questions

1/ Will this cost me anything?

No, all we ask is that you spend a few moments completing a form and giving your thoughts on the supplements you review.

2/ I would like to sign up but don't want to receive loads of unwanted emails.

Don't worry, we will never reveal your details to anyone outside of We will only send you emails about the review program and any updates from time to time about In summary, we respect your privacy.

3/ Why are my reviews useful?

As you probably know, the bodybuilding supplement industry is fiercely competitive. This means manufacturers are forced to say how good/tasty/effective their latest products are. This is the way of the world, and we would not expect it to be any other way! But, this also means that it is hard to know who to believe, when even the forums are hosted by the online supplement stores!

The solution is for free, unbiased advice and reviews you can rely on. You can trust them because people just like you have written them!

If you have an unanswered questions about the program please contact us using the "contact us" form.

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