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Creatine delivers results

But what is the secret to safe creatine use?

What is the key to safe creatine use? With any supplement that seems too good to be true there will be as many scare stories as there will be proven successes. So, let’s approach this thing rationally.

There is a popular site on how to maximise the effects of creatine safely, see The Creatine Guide. Also a useful report on creatine use can be reached by clicking on the cover of The Creatine Report by best selling-author Will Brink. This is an in-depth review of the latest scientific literature on creatine. This is required reading if you are serious about adding creatine to your supplement program!

Frequently asked questions about creatine.

There is lots of hearsay about what works with creatine and what should be avoided. These articles aim to clear up some issues once and for all.

Creatine - More Than a Muscle Builder

The finer detail of why Creatine is much more than an athletics performance enhancer.

More Advantages of Creatine!

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Which Creatine Powder is the Best

How To Enhance the Effect of Creatine?

Is Creatine Dangerous

How to Avoid Potential Health Hazards of Creatine

Tips on Creatine for Teenagers…

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Risks of Creatine and Kidney Function - Creatine Clearance in Kidney Tests

Does Creatine Give Acne

Creatine While Dieting - Creatine and Fat Loss

Overdue Creatine Expiry Date

The Best Creatine Schedule

That should have about covered it…but if you want more in-depth tips and strategies to achieve the maximum performance advantage then read more about safe creatine use here.

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